Shrink Plastic Doll Brooches

After many attempts I have finally been able to finish some shrink plastic doll brooches. I think they are super cute.

Doll Brooches by Trish Loader
Some things I have learnt about working with shrink plastic.

  • Inkjet printable shrink plastic does not work with my Epson Photo Printer
  • All shrink plastics as not the same. I worked with two different types and both had pros and cons. One is pure white and very hard the other opaque and softer.
  • I used sharpies, pencils and ink pens to colour the art works.
  • Resin works well with one and a spray varnish worked well on the other.
  • You need to know the temperature of your oven and watch you work shrinking like a hawk.
  • You need a steady hand not so smudge your art work and it is a good idea to use a matte spray before applying resin.
  • Remember to punch holes in your designs prior to baking for a jump ring.
Shrink Plastic Doll Brooches by Trish Loader

Doll Brooches by Trish Loader

I think I am now officially addicted to designing shrink plastic jewelry.