SALA Exhibition GU Filmhouse Glenelg

As you know the SALA festival program has been released today. I am fortunate to be showcasing my Essence of Marilyn Monroe art portraits with another four artists.

This is my information flyer for the event.

The other artists exhibiting at the same venue are:
Pinnacle by David Hayden (sculpture)

David Hayden
I create Mini Sculpture works using made and found objects and small figurines to delight the viewer 'expect the unexpected'.

Lost by Jade Harland
Jade Harland
A series of small scale painting based on stills from a selection of cult classic films, and the lost art of video rental.

Uluru from above (painting) Sue Norman

Sue Norman
Mandalas and More
From sand mandalas on the beach to colourful, expressive designs on canvas. A heart journey into art through the ancient language of Mandalas and More.

The tunnel by Karen Puttock (mixed media)

Karen Puttock
Meaning (in Latin) a mixture or blending, a thorough mixing together. My art covers many mediums and substrates all coming together for the desired result.