Art Deco Hand Painted Wooden Evening Bag

I love the art deco period. This art deco hand painted wooden evening bag was inspired by Charles Gesmar who was an innovative costume and poster designer of the XX century, his posters and program/book covers are named in the tradition of graphic works of two other major artists who worked for the Moulin Rouge, Toulouse-Lautrec and Rene Gruau.

Jean Cocteau was his great admirer «Vous ĂȘtes un nom fulgurant sur un mur.»

Despite his exclusive relationship with Mistinguett, Gesmar produced posters for many other stars such as Spinelly, Marnac, E. Leslie, Raimu, Barbette, Falconetti, Pierly, St. Granier, Popesco etc.

In Gesmar's tragically short life he became Mistinguett's personal artist, doing many posters for her. Being Gesmar's muse he created many costumes, stage designs and portraits of Mistinguett over a period of 10 years.

Luerti, Angelo. Charles Gesmar 1900-1928 (Biography & ALL graphic art (60 posters+50 covers) and 50 costume designs).

This art deco hand painted wooden evening bag is inspired by his illustration of Mistinguett. (Charles Gesmar 1900 - 1928).
Art deco hand painted wooden evening purse by Trish Loader

Hand painted wooden evening bag art deco style by Trish Loader
Art deco wooden hand bag by Trish Loader
My one of a kind hand painted wooden handbag is made from solid wood. It is lined with black cotton fabric and has a long across the body gold metal chain that can be removed, you want to use the bag as a clutch.
It is approximately 20 cm in length and 12 cm in width.
I have hand painted the bag with acrylic paints in gold, black, white and red. Swaroski adorn crystals the head piece of the exotic dancer. It the artwork had been sealed with several coats of clear varnish. The back of the bag is plain wood. 
It is the perfect statement piece for the lady that wants something unique and different to compliment her evening attire.
This bag may be purchased for the amount of $120.00 AUD here