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Little pieces of art for you to treasure - DesignedbyTrisha

Butterfly Memorial Frames - SANDS South Australia

Last night I completed a tutorial art and craft class for SANDS South Australia. This is my second art and craft session with SANDS.

Sands South Australia offers support to all bereaved parents and relatives who have suffered the death of a baby anytime from conception through to 28 days after birth - this includes, miscarriage, newborn death, stillbirth, ectopic pregnancy and genetic/medically advised termination.
Sands South Australia is a state-wide, self help voluntary organisation run by and for bereaved parents. We receive no government funding and rely heavily on fund-raising efforts and donations. Sands also exist in other States. There is a National Sands body (Sands Australia) to which States belong.

Sands South Australia bring bereaved parents together in a number of ways, through a Newsletter, Support meetings, and over the telephone. Parents who are 'down the track' in their grief, and who have done some training, support those who are just starting to grieve.
Sands South Australia aims to assist parents in their grief and to help them understand the emotions that they are experiencing are normal.
Sands South Australia are able to offer assistance and guidance with regards to burial traces. Some parents, unable to find a gravesite, may be able to locate a record of their baby's stillbirth/death through the Births, Deaths and Marriages registrar.
Sands South Australia volunteers are available to speak to health professionals, welfare workers and other interested members of the community about the needs of bereaved parents.

Sands South Australia is a self-help group consisting solely of bereaved parents. 

To find out more check out their website  or contact them on telephone 0417 681 642 (administration) or email
Here are the beautiful butterfly memorial frames that we made last night.

Butterfly memorial frames - Trish Loader with SANDS SA

Thank you to all the lovely parents who attended this craft evening.

Butterfly Art - Memorial Frame

Butterflies are deep and powerful representations of life. Many cultures associate the butterfly with our souls. Around the world, people view the butterfly as representing endurance, change, hope, and life.
This week I will be running an art and craft class for SANDS South Australia.
We will be making these adorable frames.
Pink Butterfly Art by Trish Loader

Purple Butterfly art by Trish Loader

One butterfly will be plain in pink, blue, lilac, or green to personalise with your little one’s name and birth date.

This is the poem at the bottom of the heart print.
A butterfly flutters by
And for a brief moment
We are enchanted by its beauty
How we wished it could have stayed
But...........the memory of having seen it
Remains forever in our hearts

(inspired by a poem by an unknown author rewritten by Trish)

I think these frames would also be perfect for a new born baby with a different poem.

Newsprint Watercolor Portrait Marilyn Monroe

This is my latest Marilyn Monroe portrait.

I made a digital collage of extracts from newspaper articles about Marilyn using Corel Painter and Photoshop. I then printed the newsprint background on arches waercolor paper.

I then painted Marilyn using watercolor paints in a minimlist style.  I love the effect.

Newsprint Marilyn by Trish Loader

Reference Photo: Stern

Marilyn Monroe - digital painting

One more in my Marilyn Monroe Essence of Marilyn Series. This one is a digital portrait. Soft effects using Corel Painter brushes and soft focus. Slightly abstract in style.

Marilyn Soft Sensual by Trish Loader

'Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.'- Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Soft Sensual Water Colour Portrait

This is my latest Marilyn water colour portrait in my series Essence of Marilyn inspired by Marilyn Monroe.

Painted with water colour paints on rough textured paper. Soft and sensual.

Marilyn Watercolour by Trish Loader

This second painting has been cropped and digitally painted from the original water colour.

Marilyn Golden Glow by Trish Loader
I love the golden glow and sharp features in this painting.

Essence of Marilyn - Marilyn Monroe

I have donated this art work of Marilyn Monroe to the Marilyn's for their silent art auction at Magpie Springs Art Gallery to raise funds for the Cancer Council of SA for cancer research.

This event will be held on Sunday 26 March 2017 as part of The Marilyn Jetty Swim Family Fun Day
Sunday 26 March 2017 1.00pm to 4.00pm Tickets are $10-$25. You can purchase tickets here

Please support this very worthy charity.

Marilyn Monroe by Trish Loader

The Magpie Springs “Silent Auction” exhibition is raising money for Cancer Council SA’s research, prevention and support services with money raised going to the Cancer Council SA on behalf of Marilyn Jetty Swim.

26th March 2017
Marilyn Jetty Swim

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